Team ZΩI

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Team ZΩI

Photosynthesis On Moon By Extremophile Cyanobacteria

About The Project:

This Experiment is aimed at the specific process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis forms the bases for almost all life on earth. We are interested in knowing if a proper photosynthesis can take place on the moon with its very hostile conditions. To test this we devised an ultimate experiment, we planned to carry out this by not using plants instead we will be using extremophile cyanobacteria specifically Chroococcidiopsis or Gloeocapsa genus cyanobacteria. The former Survived 548 days hanging outside of ISS in low earth orbit, considered one of the toughest photosynthetic organism ever found.

Team Members:


  • Santosh Roychowdhury
  • Autumn Kelsea Conner
  • Sukanya Roychowdhury



Kolkata, India


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