Lab2Moon is a global challenge for youth to imagine, design and build a project that would catalyse the evolution of humankind as a sustainable multi-planetary species. We want you to create an experiment that would help build sustainable life on the Moon; for example, an experiment that investigates how plants grow on the Moon or innovative ways to use renewable energy.

What will you send to the Moon?



Update: Due to the sheet number of entries, we will need additional time to review and shortlist 20 teams. We expect to announce the results of Phase 1 in the 2nd week of November. Thanks for being patient with us.

Phase 1 of the competition will accept registrations till the September 15, 2016 (23:59 IST) and submission of concept note and videos till 17th September (23:59 IST) from which 20 teams will be shortlisted. These shortlisted teams will enter Phase 2 during which they will build prototypes. Their progress will undergo reviews to ensure the project is on track. For the Finals, teams will be invited to our Bangalore campus where they’ll present their experiment to our eminent jury. The winning project will fly to the Moon with us.

29 Jun 2016 Phase 1: Registration opens
15 Sep 2016 (23:59 IST) Phase 1: Registration closes
17 Sep 2016 (23:59 IST) Phase 1: Submission of concept note &video deadline
2nd Week Nov 2016 20 teams shortlisted
05 Dec 2016 Phase 2: Mass dummy submission
15 Dec 2016 Phase 2: Mid-term evaluation
05 Feb 2017 Finals: Presentation of prototype
14 Feb 2017 Finals: Announcement of winner


  • Dr. K. Kasturirangan

    Former Chairman of ISRO and Former Member of Member of Indian Parliament, Rajya Sabha

  • Dr. Alain Bensoussan

    Former President of CNES (French Space Agency) and Former Chairman of Council, ESA (European Space Agency)

  • Dr. Priyamvada Natarajan

    Priyamvada Natarajan, a theoretical astrophysicist and Professor at Yale, works on dark side of the universe – dark matter, dark energy and black holes.

  • Dr. Joe Pelton

    Former Dean of International Space University and Former Director Emertius, Space & Advanced Communications Research Institute (SACRI) George Washington University


20 teams will be shortlisted on the basis of the below criteria.

Uniqueness/Originality 10 points
Feasibility 10 points
Scalability 10 points
Relevance to Lab2Moon 10 points
Judges Discretion 10 points


Have questions about Lab2Moon and how to participate? Try our FAQ. If you still have questions, get in touch with us.


Lab2Moon is a TeamIndus initiative to involve youth from around the world in our Moon mission.

TeamIndus is an Indian space technology startup and one of the front-runners in the Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP) competition which requires private teams to land on the Moon, travel 500 metres and beam back high definition photos and video to Earth. Only 3 countries have ever landed on the Moon; TeamIndus aims to be the fourth on the list.

In early 2015, we won a $1 million Terrestrial Milestone Prize from GLXP for demonstrating our landing technology. TeamIndus is based out of Bangalore with 85 engineers and 15 ex-scientists from the Indian Space Research Organization building one of the most ambitious missions of our times. Learn more about TeamIndus on our website.


Internshala, India’s largest internship platform, is an exclusive college outreach partner for TeamIndus’ initiative Lab2Moon.