Make the Moon your Lab | Lab2Moon

TeamIndus is flying to the moon in 2017 and is making you an offer you just can’t refuse – the first chance since 1976 to create an independent project that will fly to the Moon.

Your challenge: Imagine, design and build a project that would catalyse the evolution of mankind as a sustainable multi-planetary species. TeamIndus believes that in the future, mankind will not be bound only to earth and that ideas pushing sustainable living will have benefits on earth and beyond.

LAB2MOON seeks to challenge young minds to come up with unique experiments that help in this journey. If your entry is the best in the world, it will fly to the moon in 2017 on the TeamIndus spacecraft, competing for the Google Lunar Prize.

The TeamIndus mission is designed to be democratic, inclusive and driven by the people. Lab2Moon reflects that ethos and is designed to drive interest in science and technology and inspire a generation of youngsters to become change-makers.

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Why Participate?

This is an invitation to all of you who wanted to put together a great new cool project for your school, college submissions or just to bring your unique ideas for an experiment, instrument to life – this is your opportunity to share your idea on a global scale and if selected fly it to the Moon with TeamIndus.

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